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Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is great for relieving muscle tension and aches. Lymphatic Drainage techniques which are incorporated in this treatment, help to clear swelling in the hands and feet.

We can all see the positive sides of pregnancy: “congratulations”, “great news” … Life is taking an exciting new turn … and with that turn can come the odd aching muscle and bit of excess fluid along the way.

Over all, pregnancy massage is extremely beneficial for the well-being of the new mum-to-be.

Pregnancy massage benefits:

  • A safe and comprehensive massage treatment for the whole body
  • A luxuriant period of relaxation for the mind, with your feet up
  • Helps relieve muscle tension caused by softening of the joints and an increase in weight
  • Helps relieve excess fluid retained in the limbs

Please note: Massage only suitable after the first trimester

This treatment is also suitable as Post-natal massage, for up to twelve weeks after giving birth. Regular massage during this period is very beneficial to all new mums. The treatment addresses physical discomforts as well as your mental state – body, mind and soul are nurtured and rejuvenated.

Benefits of massage during post-natal period:

  • Provides deep relaxation, which is very important when you become exhausted after night feedings
  • Helps relieve shoulder and neck pain from carrying and breastfeeding the baby
  • Helps to eliminate excess body fluid and reduce fluid retention

When to start with post-natal massage? For mothers who delivered naturally and without complication, they can start as soon as they are comfortable and feel ready. For caesaerean delivery, it is best to wait at least two weeks after giving birth or when the incision has properly healed.