Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Natural Facelift Massage

Natural Facelift massage is an intense lifting treatment for the face, neck, head and mind. Smoothing away facial line expression and providing a lifting effect on the skin.

Facial-bostonNatural Facelift massage involves a flowing technique which acts as a natural face-lift, helping you feel and look younger. At the pace we live our lives, we all have tension that builds up in our scalp, face, neck and shoulder muscles. Many of us would love to release these tension hotspots, reduce wrinkles and take much needed time out for ourselves.

When taken as a course, Natural Face-lift massage can greatly improve the re-generation of your skin. However, taken on its own, it will leave you feeling calm, totally relaxed and at peace with the world!

Natural Facelift Massage Benefits :

  • A comprehensive mind and body treatment performed on the face, head, neck and shoulders
  • The facial skin feels invigorated, lifted and supple – movements are designed to stretch and tone
  • Better local circulation for the face and scalp. The treatment is very stimulating for the skin
  • Tension feels as though it is lifted from the scalp
  • The client is treated holistically using acupressure as well as massage to maximise the overall benefits
  • Lift and tone your face, improve facial complexion
  • Taken in a course of 6-8 treatments (one week apart). The Natural Face-lift can greatly improve circulation, expression marks and promote well being and complete relaxation
  • The natural alternative to Botox or surgery

Price: £40/45min

The Organic Lift

Includes 100% Organic Facial and Natural Facelift Massage, the treatment has additional benefit madarin-ginger-spa-organic-anti-aging-facial-voya-spanityof leaving the skin looking younger and more radiant. Although course of six treatments is recommended for prolonged benefits, a difference can be seen and felt after a single treatment.

Price: £58/75min