Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Massage Therapy & Beauty Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage, as the name suggests, goes further into the stronger, deeper lying tissue, giving you a much more powerful treatment.

Daily stresses, exercise, and general lifestyle “stuff” means there are times when regular massage just can’t get deep enough to break down the tension.

Your massage therapist, here at Massenka Brighton & Hove, can focus on any areas of muscular tension you have using specific techniques to loosen tight muscles, lengthen short muscles, realign muscle and fascia, clear energy pathways, relieve pain, improve posture and aid relaxation.

Other techniques, such as Trigger Point, Myofascial release and Cupping therapy might be used.

Deep Tissue massage benefits:

  • Increases suppleness and flexibility
  • Improves circulation, removing waste and lactic acid from muscles, and so reducing aches and soreness
  • Reduces tension and stress
  • Improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen and lowers the blood pressure
  • Improves lymphatic circulation